Contemporary youth not only search and use information, but also produce, present, and share information (Koh, 2013). Yet, existing theories and research in the information behavior field are limited by their focus on information search and use processes. This study addresses the need to establish a model of the information-creating behavior of youth. The model developed by this study will serve as an essential tool for 21st century librarians and educators.

The objectives of the research are
1. To investigate how students create information during project-based learning and develop a conceptual model of information-creating behavior
2. To explore the ways information professionals working with youth facilitate them to become successful information creators

Research questions include:

1. How do students create information during project-based learning in Learning Labs in libraries and museums?
1.1 What are the patterns and processes of information creation by students?
1.2 What challenges do students face when they create information?
1.3 What facilitates students’ information-creating behavior?

2. What skills and knowledge do students need to create information?

3. How similar or different are students’ information-creating behavior patterns in various Learning Labs in a school library, public library, and museums?

4. How can the findings on information-creating behavior be applied to information literacy instruction and programming in Learning Labs?


Koh, K.(2013). Adolescents’ information creating-behavior embedded in digital media practices using Scratch, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 64(9), 1826-1841. doi:10.1002/asi.22878

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